Q #1How do I order animal print fabric?


1. Click on Animal Print Fabric or picture of animal print fabrics.  You will now see several options of fabric types such as poly/cotton blend*Kona type cotton*Fleece

 2. Click the order button on the type of animal print fabric you would like to order.  You will see a list  box that opens by clicking the arrow.  Please click the arrow on the box that says Abyssinian cat!  You will find much more to choose from

3. Now you will see an alphabetical listing of all of the Hotdiggitydog images. Please scroll down the list and choose your favorite image. Great!  Now you have chosen the animal image to be printed on your favorite color fabric!

4. Please click  the arrow on the box that says Antique Gold. You will now see a list of colors. Please scroll down the list and  choose the color you would like your favorite image printed on. 

5. Please enter the quantity of animal print fabric in the quantity box.  You may choose any amount over 1 yd

6. Please click add to shopping cart.

7 If you would like additional fabric just return to the home page Animal fabric area and choose more!

8. Please click check out and complete form then submit.

9. If you need more help my phone number is 913-980-3553.  I am happy to answer any questions or help you complete the

Thank you*************Meribeth