Memorial to Monique Akar Designs and

This page is devoted to the loving memory of Monique Akar. 

Monique Akar was a mentor and dear friend of mine since we met at a dog show in 1989.

Monique developed Monique Akar Designs and Dogonit Gallery early in the 1970's . She inspired me to start my own dog fabric print business that we named Hotdiggitydog in 1989.  Our dog print fabric soon escalated to all animal print fabrics. Monique and her own Monique Akar Designs was a great help. I, through Hotdiggitydog distributed animal print fabrics and other items such as dog print comforters and other items made by Monique Akar Designs for several years at dog shows.

When  e-commerce was just becoming popular in 1997 we started on-line stores.  Monique with  Monique Akar Designs at shared many moments with me at her home in Flagstaff , Arizona. She was a wonderful generous lady who was a true friend. She shared her creativity with me to develop

Later through the lessons of Monique and became involved in the experience other novely fabric and craft fabrics sales.

 Monique Akar was a great artist and business woman. Monique through Monique Akar Designs and  inspired creative nature in all people whose lives she touched.  She will be missed here at and around the world I am sure.

Meribeth Correll